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What is a Wing?

Graphic depicting wing with approaching airstream in front, drag in the back, lift from the top, high and low pressure arrows, and direction of flight.

A Wing is… Something that moves through the air and has low pressure on the top and higher pressure on the bottom. The curvature of a bird or airplane wing creates a pressure difference that generates lift. The wing provides…

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How does a Kaleidoscope work?

Photo showing kaleidoscope effect.

The Kaleidoscope is made using three long mirrors with the mirror-sides facing each other forming a triangle. When looking down the tube that holds the mirrors, we see many images. Straight ahead, we see whatever is at the end of…

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RISE Program

Real-world Internships in Science & Engineering (RISE) Program The 5th Annual RISE Program at Aberdeen Proving Ground is a one-of-a-kind paid internship experience for high school students interested in STEM. This is just friendly reminder that the RISE application portal…

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