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What is a Wing?

Graphic depicting wing with approaching airstream in front, drag in the back, lift from the top, high and low pressure arrows, and direction of flight.

A Wing is… Something that moves through the air and has low pressure on the top and higher pressure on the bottom. The curvature of a bird or airplane wing creates a pressure difference that generates lift. The wing provides…

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How does a Kaleidoscope work?

Photo showing kaleidoscope effect.

The Kaleidoscope is made using three long mirrors with the mirror-sides facing each other forming a triangle. When looking down the tube that holds the mirrors, we see many images. Straight ahead, we see whatever is at the end of…

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Sharing ‘The ENIAC story’

"The ENIAC Story" is reprinted from here. The world's first electronic digital computer was developed by Army Ordnance to compute World War II ballistic firing tables. By Martin H. Weik, 1961 Ordnance Ballistic Research Laboratories, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD "...With the…

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Undergrad discovers two exoplanets with AI

The term "artificial intelligence" was coined in a proposal for a research project published August 31, 1955, by John McCarthy (Dartmouth College), Marvin Minsky (Harvard University), Nathaniel Rochester (IBM), and Claude Shannon (Bell Telephone Laboratories). They are credited with launching…

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Watch Buckminster Fuller’s lectures free online

"In January 1975, Fuller sat down to deliver the twelve lectures that make up Everything I Know, all captured on video and enhanced with the most exciting bluescreen technology of the day. Props and background graphics illustrate the many concepts he…

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The surprising evolution of photo booths

High-speed photography was invented at Aberdeen Proving Ground, so we like sharing stories about innovations in photography. The photo booth that produced a strip of black and white photos has evolved since the first one was installed on Broadway in…

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