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STEM from the CRYPT(ology)

Cryptology is the study of codes, or the art of writing and solving them – and we will do just that all week! Working from some of the earliest inceptions of cryptology to it’s current application in cyber security today, STEM from the CRYPT(ology) will begin with the history of cryptology and it’s purpose. Campers…

Dig into Dinos

It’s time to make some dino discoveries! Join us for a week of excavation exploration as we uncover some of the secrets of these prehistoric creatures. What did they look like? What did they eat? When exactly did they live? Investigate all of this and more, all while having fun and forming new friendships. Campers…

STEM: Sports, Television, Entertainment, and Mini Golf?

Wait....that doesn’t seem right. If you’re thinking “STEM” is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” you’re correct! However, STEM IS found in sports, television, entertainment, and even mini-golf. During the STEM: Sports, Television, Entertainment, and Mini Golf? Camp students will explore the STEM behind baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, and soccer. They will…

GEMS III ARL Computer Engineering

Students entering 10th-12th grade will use a raspberry pi, LEDs, motors, breadboards, switches, and programming to design and construct complex systems. Students will learn how variable inputs and variable outputs can be integrated with computer programming to accomplish complex tasks. By the end of the week students will be proficiency with bread boarding, designing, and wiring control…

My Big Backyard

You don’t have to travel very far to explore science. There are so many interesting things to discover in our very own back yards! In this week of camp, we will learn how we can use our observation and investigative skills to study everything from insects and animals to plants and weather. Campers will leave…


Become part of a volunteer team of invasive plant removers and native plant restorers. Learn why non-native invasive plants are a threat to our ecosystem, how to identify problem plants, and removal and restoration strategies. Wear sturdy shoes, long sleeves, and work gloves for field work in the Reserve each meeting date, weather permitting.

North Park Trail Walk at the Lock House Museum

1.5 mile loop for all ages, rain* or shine.  Sturdy footwear recommended. Meet at the to of the Lock House drive. FREE and no reservation required. *within reason - actively raining/storming/lightning or 70% chance of rain will cancel the walk.   Reoccurring every Friday-Sunday of September All ages

Shrimp & BBQ Fest at the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum

The Shrimp & BBQ Fest will be held under the pavilion at Frank J. Hutchins Memorial Park in beautiful historic Havre de Grace. This location boasts incredible views of the Susquehanna River as it meets the Bay. For just $45 a ticket, you will be treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet-style shrimp and BBQ meal along…

School’s Out! Nature Day Camp

Enjoy your day off from school by exploring nature at Eden Mill.  We will hike, meet our Nature center critters, and spend time outdoors with fun activities and exploration Ages 6-12 Price- $40 for members, $45 for non-members

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