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The Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival is free to enter! The Festival will be held at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Md., on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020. The Science Fair begins at 8 am, and the Family Festival begins at 11 am.

The Magic of Science Fair and Festival is the signature annual event of the APG Discovery Center, a science center planned to open in northern Maryland in 2022. The Magic of Science Festival celebrates the science in every day things – sports, transportation, electronics, food – and explores the scientific principles at play in our daily lives. 

We have an incredible brain-trust in northern Maryland that for 100 years has developed world-changing technology for soldiers and civilians at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). The APG Discovery Center leverages this brain trust for the benefit of the public, particularly our students who must be STEM literate to succeed today.

The APG Discovery Center will be a place where students of all ages experience, create, and play with science and technology. A place where new worlds are discovered and connections are made. Exhibits featuring virtual reality will give visitors the opportunity to drive a tank or fly a plane. Other exhibits will explore the history and the future of high performance computing. In addition to interactive exhibits, the Discovery Center will offer after-school programs, maker spaces, and serve as an anchor for the region’s STEM activities.

We are now working to launch Phase 1 of the Discovery Center – an Education and “Preview” Center. The Preview Center will serve as a visitor’s center, work space, exhibit area, and will provide funders and visitors a small taste of what will be found at the permanent Discovery Center in 2022.

Phase 2 of this project will result in the opening of a permanent Discovery Center with 10,000-SF of exhibit space, serving over 55,000 visitors each year, and costing approximately $2.7 million. We then plan in Phase 3 to grow the Center to 20,000 SF serving 100,000 visitors each year.