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Community Dedicates APG Memorial

APG Memorial Dedication Ceremony

For 100 years, the people of Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) have dedicated themselves to developing, testing, and fielding world-changing technology. As we tell the story of APG’s impact over the last 100 years, we must include those who lost their lives in the conduct of their missions. The APG Memorial at Festival Park will serve as a permanent reminder of the sacrifices and contributions to the national defense by these civilian, military, and contract workers.

Despite safeguards, elements of the missions conducted throughout APG’s history have been, and continue to be, inherently dangerous. Nevertheless, dedicated workers continue to perform this work. Whether conducting research, development, test and evaluation, training, or installation operations, some APG employees sacrificed their lives in the conduct of those missions. We, their colleagues or fellow service members, pause to remember them and thank them for their friendship, their contributions, and their sacrifice.

As of 2017, we realize we have not yet captured the name of every person who died in the performance of their duties, but we wish to recognize them nonetheless. We continue to actively seek their names and the circumstances associated with their fate. Ultimately, we hope to establish a virtual memorial to all of them. The APG Memorial is sponsored by the APG Centennial Celebration Association (ACCA), a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating APG’s 100 years of world-changing technology development.

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