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What is a Wing?

A Wing is…

Something that moves through the air and has low pressure on the top and higher pressure on the bottom.

Graphic depicting wing with approaching airstream in front, drag in the back, lift from the top, high and low pressure arrows, and direction of flight.

The curvature of a bird or airplane wing creates a pressure difference that generates lift.

The wing provides the lift force and is the single most important element of any flight vehicle. It lifts aircraft into the air and is intrinsic to every air vehicle propulsion system. It is the propeller blade of an airplane, the fan blade in a jet engine, and the rotor blade of a helicopter. The wing is the essential element that enables flight and propulsion.

Graphic depicting airplane wing with airstream arrows.

How does a BalloonHelicopter work?

The balloon stores potential energy in the form of high pressure air. This air is used to create thrust that rotates the three wing rotor blade. Each rotating wing creates “Lift” the sum of which results in the Rotor Thrust. By virtue of Newton’s Third Law, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” the “Rotor Thrust” lifts the Balloon Helicopter into the air.

Graphic depicting a balloon helicopter. A blue balloon is blown full of air indicating the rotor thrust is upward, and three green rotor wings show the direction of lift.

Newton’s Third Law

For every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION.

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